New Skanflexi® X500

Monlab presents the new version of the Skanflexi® X500 reader which includes test reading and incubation. It is of great help for a rapid and automated analysis. 

It has a new test/strip placement system, which will limit contamination risk and the need of cleaning, in addition to be very user friendly.

SkanFlexi® X500 supports USB printers, barcode scanners and the ability to export results via USB flash drive or wired or wireless network connections.

It is also compatible with our entire catalogue of rapid tests, in individual/multiple cassettes and strips. 

With the SkanFlexi® X500 you are faced with a professional, still very affordable instrument for efficient automated analysis. ASK US!

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Lateral Flow Multi-Reader


Rotavirus, Adenovirus and Norovirus on step

At Monlab we are pleased to present our new one step immunochromatographic test for the simultaneous qualitative detection of Rotavirus, Adenovirus and  Norovirus (GI, GII) in human stool samples.   

Our rapid test is based on the immunological capture of colored microparticles as they pass through a membrane  with specific monoclonal antibodies against Rotavirus, Adenovirus and  Norovirus (GI, GII), in four separate lines.

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Coagulation brouchure


We are pleased to introduce our new coagulation catalogue where you will find our new semiautomatic coagulometers MO-10 and MO-20 and a list of the available reagents.

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