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Monlab  is a company specialized in clinical diagnostic laboratory services.
This company is located in Barcelona (Spain) and consists of a group of people who work hard to assure the appropriate service to our customers, which are:

Clinical analysis laboratories, Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Universities and Research Centers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about any of Monlab, SL products.

Monlab is also a manufacturer of the following IVD products:


Clinical Biochemistry


  •  Enzymes
  •  Lipids
  •  Electrolytes
  •  Standards and controls
  •    Turbidimetry


  • Rheumatoid serodiagnostic (ASO, CRP, RF AND WAALER ROSE )
  • Syphilis serodiagnostic (RPR, TPHA AND VDRL KITS)
  • Febrile serodiagnostic (BENGAL ROSE, BACTERIAL ANTIGENS )
  • Miscellaneous serodiagnostic ( IM LATEX, hCG LATEX, TOXO LATEX)

  One step tests

H. pylori Ag, Rota-adeno, Influenza A+B, C. difficile GDH, RSV, Giardia, Crypto....

Barcelona is the main hub of biotechnology in Spain (22% of all Spanish biotech companies are located in Catalonia, the majority of them in Barcelona metropolitan area).

Please , click on the link below to know more about Catalonia.

 Catalonia Video


Latest News

New one step product for Entamoeba 2014-05-23
We add to our portfolio a new one step for the detection of Entamoeba. Please visit our section PRODUCTS to dowload the instruction for use !
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