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Monlab  is an specialised company in the clinic diagnostic laboratory services.
We are a company located in Barcelona (Spain), consisting of a group of people who work to assure the service according to our customer's needs, which they are:
Clinical analysis laboratories, Hospitals, Health Centers, Faculties and Research Centers. Do not hesitate to contact us whether you don't find whatever you are looking for or to get more detailed information about any of the Monlab, SL products.

Monlab  is a Spanish manufacturer for  IVD products:

Clinical Biochemistry

  •  Substrates
  •  Enzymes
  •  Lipids
  •  Electrolytes
  •  Standards and controls
  •    Turbidimetry


  • Rheumatoid serodiagnostic (ASO, CRP, RF AND WAALER ROSE )
  • Syphilis serodiagnostic (RPR, TPHA AND VDRL KITS)
  • Febrile serodiagnostic (BENGAL ROSE, BACTERIAL ANTIGENS )
  • Miscellaneous serodiagnostic ( IM LATEX, hCG LATEX, TOXO LATEX)

One step tests

H. pylori Ag, Rota-adeno, Influenza A+B, C. difficile GDH, RSV, Giardia, Crypto....

Barcelona is the main hub for biotechnology in Spain (22% of all Spanish biotech companies are located in Catalonia, most in the Barcelona metropolitan area).

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